Muga (Border) / 2017

This is a geographic exploration of the border line. An attempt to measure the tension between the landscape and the territory in country border areas. In fact, the land becomes territory due to this thin and often invisible line, and the clash of these two ideas ignite all the other tensions produced by borders.

Borders haven’t always been there and are not always equal. The landscape we know is ever dinamyc, we are continuosly changing it and along these lines borders and landscapes are both arbitrary concepts, wavering along with societies. Moreover, even among individuals are differently understood.

I stablished a rule for myself when I started working in this project back in 2014: whenever and wherever I’d take a picture, the camera would have to be set exactly in the border line. I used different technics and points of view to take the pictures but in any case, always respecting that rule. Therefore, all the landscapes revealed in the pictures are splitted in half by the border line.