Gaztainaundi / 2005

“The family calls it the big chestnut tree. 
Nobody knows how old it is.The grandfather assures that it could be ‘500 or 600′. Since it fell down in 1982, its trunk is staring at the farm from the ground.

When the tree was still standing, it is said that there was room for 13 big men inside and 7 people holding their hands were needed to surround it. 
Each generation from the Soro farm tells stories about this giant tree. All the family pictures have being always taken beside it. The Big chestnut has seen several marriages, baptism ceremonies, and many other celebrations. It appears in every family picture as a part of the family.

It is on the ground now, but it won’t disappear without leaving a trace. With its last breath, it wanted to give a gaze back to the Soro family.
There are certain things that are easier to understand once you are certain age. The grandpa’ got it immediately: ‘ we always used to take pictures of it; now, it is the one that is taking pictures of us’.